August 3, 2021

SUPKEM Coast Branch Accuse Saudi Envoy of Meddling in Council’s Affairs

SUPKEM Coast branch cordinator Hamisi Mwaguya addressing the press in Mombasa on Tuesday. Flanking him are some SUPKEM officials from the Coast region. Image, Peter Kombe


The Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims Coast region has issued a stern warning to the Saudi Embassy to Kenya over allegations of   interfering with its internal affairs.

According to the council, recent remarks by the Saudia ambassador over the council’s leadership is a deliberate attempt to segregate the Muslims on racial grounds.

Addressing the media in Mombasa on Tuesday, SUPKEM regional coordinator Hamisi Mwaguzo said they will seek legal redress through the ministry of foreign affairs if the ambassador fails to heed their call.

“Muslims all over the world respect the Saudi government. Again there has been a cordial relations between the two countries,” he noted.

According to him Kenya Muslims have a constitutional right to elect a leader of their choice as enshrined in the SUPKEM by laws.

Mwaguzo indicates that with the cordial relations between the two countries Kenya Muslims are not ready to be segregated in terms of race and color.

He insisted “We do not want a situation where his office will be misused. We want him to work together with all the Muslims in Kenya,”

Mwaguzo who also chairs the Kenya Muslims Youth Alliance explained that the ambassador’s remarks is likely to bring confusion in the council.

He wants the envoy to work closely with Kenyan Muslims for the interests of the public.

“We are also surprised by his remarks. It has never happened in the history of the council,” said Mwaguzo.

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