August 3, 2021

I Will Fast track Land Injustice Cases in Kilifi County, DPP Hajj Assures Victims

Director of Public Prosecution Noordin Hajj addressing the public during the official launch of the Kilifi Social Justice Centre on Monday. Image Peter Kombe

By The Coast Newspaper Team    

The Office of Director of Public prosecution has pledged to fast track all land injustices in Kilifi County to ensure victims access justice.

The victims caught the attention of the DPP Noordin Hajj leaving him almost in tears on Monday.

He had been invited to officiate the launch of the Kilifi Social Justice Centre organized by Haki Africa, a Mombasa based NGO.

According to Haki Africa executive director Hussein Khalid cases of historical land injustices is rampant in Kilifi County.

“In 2019 alone a total of 187 cases of historical land injustices were reported in the Coast region” he said. 

The victims poured heartfelt stories of oppression, brutality and death in parcels of lands they claim belong to their ancestral fathers.

One of the victims, Catherine Wangechi painfully narrated how her husband disappeared never to be seen again after attending a court case in Shanzu on July 11 last year.

Wangechi says she has had to struggle to fend for her three children.

“DPP help us get justice. I have no one to help me. I’m struggling in life”       

Some of the victims of land injustices in Kilifi County (names withheld) at the Kilifi Social Justice centre in Mtwapa on Monday, Image; Peter Kombe

Another victim, Beatrice Osinyo says she lost her husband Moses Charo, who was then fighting for a parcel of land (200 acres) that belonged to their family.

“I have been suffering since the death of my husband. I have five children who depend on me. DPP intervene” 

At the same time, the DPP explained that graft is the root of all historical land injustices and other social ills in various parts of the country.

 “Sometimes it is very rare for the common man to get justice in the courts because the rich are normally released on bonds and bails” he noted.

He further blamed a section of civil servants including ; the police, land officials and the ODPP officials on claims of undermining the implementation of justice.

The DPP said “Some of our officials and those from the National land commission are sometimes tempted to receive bribes. This hinders the delivery of justice”

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