June 13, 2021

We Have Set a Record of 1.4 Million TEU’s This Year, Declares Manduku

Kenya Ports Authority Managing Director Daniel Manduku flanked by other senior port officials on Monday before addressing journalists at the port facility. Image; Peter Kombe

By The Coast Newspaper Team

Mombasa port has set a record of 1.4 million TEUs this year against a target of 1.3 million TEUs set by the authority’s top brass early this year.

Speaking to the media in Mombasa on Monday, Kenya Ports Authority managing director Daniel Manduku said the record set on December 28 at 1500 hours is the best performance ever.

The MD says the attainment of 1.4 million TEUs represents a percentage growth of 7.3 over last year’s 1.304 million TEUs, indicating an increase of 97,000 TEUs.

He attributed the booming performance to the improved managerial systems and cargo evacuation by SGR to the ICD adding that it has eradicated congestion at the port.

Said Manduku “I want to announce that we are well on course for being the best performing port in Africa in three years. Average container dwell time at the port stands at 3.1 days”  

Cargo handling equipment at the port of Mombasa. Image; Peter Kombe

The MD further indicated that the port recorded a transshipment traffic of 197,272 TEUs up from 105, 333 TEUs from January to November this year as compared to the same period in 2018.

According to the MD this indicates a percentage growth of 87.3.

“We are targeting to average 10 trains a day. This is quite an achievement for the port” he noted.

He said cargo throughput at the ICD Nairobi grew by 61.1% from 257,972 TEUs as at Dec. 2018 to 415,650 TEUs as at 28th Dec. 2019.

Manduku says the authority hopes to attain 34 million tones by the end of this year well above target of 32.5 million tons. 

“We are in the process of incubating ideas to ensure that young people acquire employment opportunities. The port capacity will increase to above 2.5 million TEUs by 2022” he said.

Concerning the weekly demonstrations against claims of SGR transport monopoly the MD revealed that the entity has struck an agreement with Fast Action Business community that all transit cargo be evacuated by trucks.

He says about 1200 trucks carry cargo on a daily basis.

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