April 16, 2021

Woman Fleeces Male Victims of Sh1.2 Million Before Arrest

Mercy Wakesho Babu, Image: The Coast Reporter


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Directorate of Criminal Investigation is holding a woman believed to have conned more than five people of monies exceeding Sh1.2 million in cash. 
Mercy Wakesho Babu, a middle-aged resident of Kiembeni in Kisauni Constituency, was arrested on Friday (August 21, 2020) of defrauding her victims for a span of one year. 
In the wake of conwomanship escapades she managed to fleece monies from two police officers, a banker, a county government official and a host of business personalities. 
A senior police officer, stationed at Kiembeni Police Station, is said to have been conned Sh65,000 for undisclosed errand while a Mr Yusuf Eto (businessman) lost over Sh280,000 for being promised a car sale. 
According to Mr Eto the woman showed him several banking documents proving how fat her bank account was only to realized later that they were all fake. 
“This lady is a trickster promising people heaven on earth and before you realize, you have been conned your money,” he said. 
Speaking to The Coast Newspaper after her arrest, a bitter Eto said the woman brandished her fat account of Sh65 million at the CITI Bank along Nkrumah Road to lure him into her trap. 
“Wow, that lady has a sweet tongue to convince with talk of waiting for her German husband to deposit money at the CITI Bank so that the car could be purchased and delivered,” he added. 
But a few days later the suspect a white Toyota KCH 976F claiming to be hers only for him to discover that car belonged to another person. 
“I was surprised after doing a search at KRA-Motor Vehicles Department and found the car registration and logbook bear names of two different people, that’s when I decided to demand back my money from her but she disappeared yet again,” said the angry Mr Eto before informing the investigating authorities over woman’s conning activities. 
Francis Nzai, a banker at a Cooperative Bank branch in Mombasa, lost more than Sh300,000 to the suspect after being tricked into the business deal that never was while Edgar Onyiso, an employee at Kilifi County Government was defraud Sh650,000 for undisclosed deal. 

DCI Headquarters Nairobi. Image: (Courtesy)

On Friday, about six victims camped at Mombasa Urban CID headquarters to report their cases before the DCI team sprang into action and arrested the suspect and her accomplices. 
The woman is currently detained at Central Police Station waiting to be arraigned to court from Monday to face charges of obtaining monies through false pretense. 
Edited by Mwakera Mwajefa 

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