Fri. Jun 5th, 2020

Embrace Ajira Mtaani for Your own Good, Youth Advised

Interior Chief Administrative Secretary Hussein Dhadho at a past function. Image: (Courtesy)



The government has called on youths in Kwale County to embrace the Ajira Mtaani initiative to avoid engaging in illegal activities during the Corona pandemic. 

Speaking to the press in Diani on Wednesday while distributing working kits to Youths Chief Administrative Secretary in charge of the Interior ministry Hussein Dhadho said the initiative is meant to benefit youths from poor backgrounds.

The CAS insisted that discipline is the key to success.

“I’m pleased to see many of the youths who are dedicated to bring food on their tables. Unlike in the previous days where the area was popular for illegal groups such as the Kaya Bombo and the Pwani si Kenya,” he noted.

During the one month, youths are expected to clean the town, clear bushes and also fumigate various places within the county.

He says the youth play a critical role in the fight against the corona virus.

“I want you to adhere to all the directives issued by the health ministry. We expect you to be on the frontline in this war,” Dhadho insisted.

Youths in the region want the government to extend the initiative.

The CAS had earlier on toured some of the hot spot areas including the Lunga Lunga Wasini Vanga and Shimoni.

Youths waiting to be recruited for the Ajira Mtaani, a government program that seeks to address the challenge of unemployment during the corona period Image: Courtesy

He called on the security agents in the area to beef up security adding that should anyone be found crossing the border must be subjected to 14 days quarantine for COVID 19 test.

“Do not endanger your lives by harbouring strangers. Do not accept money. Once the security team is informed, you risk being taken to a forceful quarantine,”  noted the CAS. 

The  secretary was accompanied by Kwale security boss Karuku Ngumo, police commander Joseph Nthenge and  health officers led by CeC Francis Gwama.

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