October 27, 2020

Girl rewrites history with over 400 marks on KCPE in Kilifi

Silvia Rehema (in red blouse), 16, being celebrated by her colleagues after posting 406 marks from the just-released KCPE results Image: Mwakwaya Raymond Mwakwaya


History makers may be interested in a 16-year-old girl from Magarini Subcounty in Kilifi County who has rewritten Kaembeni Primary School’s academic story by scoring 406 marks from the just released KCPE results.

Silvia Rehema, sixth born in a family of nine, has become the ‘talking point’ after achieving the unthinkable from a school known for its poor academic performance in national exam in the past 13 years.

The school registered remarkable results from its class of 70 candidates that sat the examination in October this year.

A total of 28 candidates scored above 300 marks thus shattering the record of 2005 when it recorded a mean score 257.25.


Meanwhile, Emmanuel Karisa Mtawali the school headteacher cites sheer hardwork and cooperation between teachers and parents as the cause of the sterling performance.

“As a school, we must congratulate both the teachers and the parents for their cooperation that has resulted into this sterling performance. Again our candidates this year did a marvellous job to put us up the ladder we are rejoicing about,” he says.

Apart from Rehema, others who have performed equally well are Baraka Katana and Daniel Mkare who scooped 380 and 375 marks respectively.

The headteacher, who joined the school early this year, joined celebrating parents moving from one village to another with the slogan: ‘it can be done’ vibrating from the singing crowd that brought the silent villages into life.

“My drive and prayer was to see this school changed from its sorry state to success story with everybody on board. That is exactly what we achieved after the release of KCPE results,” he says.

Credit is given to the area Curriculum Support Officer Florence Fondo who is said to be behind the posting of the good results in the ‘little’ known school.

Her consistent push to ensure schools within her jurisdiction completed their syllabus in time is attributed to the incredible KCPE performance.

According to Mwango Ngombo, a teacher, this year’s class eight managed to complete its syllabus in second term leaving the third term for a thorough revision work.

Mwalimu Mwango Ngombo being carried shoulder-high by some of his pupils to celebrate the good performance of Kaembeni Primay School after the release of this year’s KCPE results
Image: Mwakwaya Raymond Mwakwaya


Meanwhile, stakesholders have asked the government to reintroduce the lunch program in schools saying this was crucial for retaining children to continue their studies uninterrupted in academic year.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a teacher claims the levels of poverty afflicting different families are high and any support for such a programme will yield better results in most schools within the subcounty.

At the same time, residents want the government not to rescind its ban on ‘disco matanga’ urging it to take action against parents allowing their children to attend such function in contravention of the ban.

“Though the government banned disco matanga, schoolgoing children as still seen attending to the same in different villages,” a parent, Jonathan Kalu laments.


Coast Newspaper spot check indicates that although the order is in force, pockets of youngsters are still being seen attending disco matanga at night despite music not being played.

Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) Magarini Sub branch official Fred Nguma expressed his disappointent over the same saying it was time the government stamped its authority over the issue.

“We cannot continue like this if we want to achieve the government’s directive of 100 per cent transition,” he added while speaking at the weekend during a burial ceremony at Kaembeni village in Magarini Subcounty.


Bridge International Academy in Mshomoroni, Mombasa county was all in joy after two candidates topped with over 400 marks.

The school produced a total of eight candidates scoring above 350 marks.

A sign at Bridge International academy Mshomoroni board showing top performers in 2019 KCPE. Image Peter Kombe

Joseph Ouma, a parent whose child attained 406 marks at Mshomoroni Bridge International Academy is appealing for the government and well wishers to come to his rescue.

He says being a casual worker he cannot afford to educate his brilliant boy.

Mr Ouma admits that the sterling performance of his child came to him as a surprise revealing that he sat his examination after being discharged from hospital.

At the same time Everlyn Mshai, a parent could not conceal her joy after her daughter in the school scored 404 marks.

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