January 15, 2021

Kenyan chef cooks herself into Guinness Book of World Records

Self-made chef Maliha Mohamed doing her things in the kitchen as she dashed for Guinness World Record on a marathon cooking spree of 75 hours and three minutes from August 16 to August 18, 2019 Image: Meza Mwanza


A self-made Mombasa based chef Maliha Mohammed set a new Guinness World Record for cooking nonstop for 75 hours and three minutes on August 18 2019 to erase the old one by an American cook.

The gruesome attempt started on Friday when she began the ordeal that saw her come up with exciting and delicious menus ranging from local, African and international cuisines all rolled into 400 dishes.

Bubbling with ecstasy Ms Mohamed said: “I have always loved cooking since my childhood and my greatest joy is breaking this Guinness Record.”

She expressed her gratitude to the Pwani Oil Company for sponsoring and helping her realise her dreams in entering the Book of Fame.

The 36-year-old chef worked with local nongovernmental organisations and other assistants to break the previous record held by Rickey Lumpkin II of California in United State who cooked for 68 hours, 30 minutes and one second in December 2018.

The previous holders were the Indian chef Vishunu Manohar who spent 53 consecutive hours cooking in 2017 while Benjamin J and Perry tied at 40 hours in 2014.

“I will continue perfecting my cooking skills and look forward to surpassing this record in future. I encourage young people with various talents to aim for the sky and shows the world what they have to offer,” she said.

Pwani Oil Company which manufactures cooking oils, soaps and detergents sponsored and paid her fees to the Guinness World Records with equipment, foodstuff and other logistics.

Said the company’s commercial director Raju Malde: “We are really delighted as Pwani Oil to have been part of Ms Mohammed’s journey. There are many talented Kenyans who if given the opportunities can accomplish great things in life. We hope the support we have given to her will help her realize her potential as a world class chef.”

Among other Kenyans who have featured on the World list includes Joseph Love who in 1992 milked 30 cows by hands in 24 hours and Kimani Maruge who became the world’s oldest pupil at 84 years in 2004.

Prior to setting the new record, Ms Mohammed undertook two trial sessions.

The first one took place in June when she cooked for 36 hours and then in July managed to cook for 54 hours through preparing over 100 recipes.

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