October 27, 2020

Intervene or else … Maji ya Chumvi elders warn government

Kenya Muslim National Advisory Council chairperson Sheikh Juma Ngao flanked by Maji ya chumvi elders lands adjudication committee at Panaroma hotel on June18, 2019. Photo: Peter Kombe


Elders of Maji ya Chumvi in Kinango Constituency have asked the government to intervene over a land dispute pitting the area residents against a private developer.

In partnership with the Kenya Muslim National Advisory Council (KEMNAC), they have given the government a 30-day window to resolve the issue failure to which they take other unspecified measures.

Through the KEMNAC chair Sheikh Juma Ngao, the elders complained that government has failed to issue title deeds to the locals even after the adjudication process was finalised.

Addressing the media in a Mombasa hotel on June 18, 2029, Sheikh Ngao accused unnamed politicians of being behind the land dispute to benefit the private developer.

“We are really surprised as a council to see that some of our political elites are behind this,” he alleged.


Maji ya Chumvi, according to him, has been a cosmopolitan area where all tribes co-exists peacefully saying the concerned elders have lived there for over 200 years.

He castigated a section of politicians (names withheld) for being complicity and working behind the scene to deprive the locals of their ancestral land.

The chair asked President Uhuru Kenyatta to intervene and not allow a few politicians with selfish interests to tarnish his legacy.

“We want the government to sort out this issue once and for all. If the President fails to heed to our call we shall know that the government is also behind this,” he said.

The Maji ya Chumvi Elders Lands Committee chairperson Dzomo Magongo appealed to President Kenyatta to assist them get their titles deeds.

Sheikh Juma Ngao brandishing and pointing at a document on Maji ya Chumvi land issue that is in dispute with a private developer in Kinango Constituency of Kwale County on June 18, 2019
Photo: Peter Kombe

According to him the president, having issued the adjudication directive in the area, has the sole powers to sort out the dispute.

“They came to us saying that they wanted to adjudicate the land at Maji ya Chumvi and we resisted at first but later heeded their call only to realize that it would turn against us,” he lamented.

The elder claimed that adjudication was done to benefit a certain individual (name withheld) of Somali origin.

In partnership with the council, he said they were ready to stand before a court of law to defend their ancestral land.

“The area seems to have gotten new owners and some of our political leaders are behind this,” he alleged.


Sheikh Amir Zani, a member of KEMNAC council, issued an ultimatum of two weeks for the alleged politicians and tycoon to come clean of the matter or else face the wrath of the locals.

He told the Ministry of Land and National Land Commission to shed light on the Maji ya Chumvi land question.

“We want to see action taken to ensure that those behind the land grabbing fiasco face the music and appease these elders who have trekked from Kwale County to Mombasa,” he said.

Documents available indicate that adjudication of the scheme was completed in accordance with the Land Adjudication Act.

A signed letter of November 7, 2018, the director of land adjudication and settlement Paul Mwangi indicates that a certificate of finality was issued after no party objected following a 60 days statutory objection period.

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