October 27, 2020

Stop indulging in corruption, archbishop tells Christians

Likoni Catholic Church parish priest Father Paul Gitonga (left) and Archbishop Martin Kivuva offering sacraments to faithful during a mass service at Consolata on June 16, 2019 Image: Mwakera Mwajefa


Catholic Archbishop of Mombasa Martin Kivuva has challenged Christians to desist from engaging in corruption saying the recent change of currency was meant to arrest all those with ill-gotten wealth.

People with such monies, he says, have been hoarding their ‘loot’ and ‘fake’ (gushi) wealth in terms of monetary gains in awkward places such as holes within their palatial homesteads or self-made bunkers to hidden from the government agencies.

According to him corruption is wide spread not only in national government office but also the county ones where there is an ever-increasing number of ‘millionaires’ who cannot account for their riches.

“For Kenya to succeed in its against corruption, every public leader and officer must adhere to Chapter Six of the Constitution where integrity is the buzz word,” he says while celebrating Maria Consolata mass at Likoni Catholic Church on June 16, 2019.

Archbishop Martin Kivuva being introduced to the parish chairman Mwachofu by Father Paul Gitonga when he arrived at Likoni Consolata Church escorted by St Mary’s Women group on June 16, 2019
Image: Mwakera Mwajefa

The prelate questions why Christians in leadership positions and in public offices are embezzling monies that they know is meant for development programmes and projects aimed at uplifting Kenyans living standards.

“I know some of you are influenced by their peers or families to engage in corrupt deals to be like so-and-so who is building a multi-million house while you have none due to your integrity principles,” he says urging them to continue with that spirit because it will eventually change others.


On the runaway insecurity and emergence of juvenile gangs, Archbishop Kivuva calls on the national, county and Christian faith institutions to create programmes where the youth can exploit their God-given talents to generate income.

“Apart from the spiritual nourishments, the youths should be assist to get secular knowledge, skills and attitudes so that they can feel to be useful members of the society,” he says.

Arriving in the country after a three week conference in Rome, the cleric says Pope Francis is concerned over the downtrodden in societies and wants those in leadership to factor such delineated groups into their budgetary estimates globally.

Archbishop Martin Kivuva chaperoned by parish Father Paul Gitonga being escorted to the open-air church service after officially opening and blessing the Virgin Mary’s grotto on June 16, 2019
Image: Mwakera Mwajefa

The Pope, according to Archbishop Kivuva, is particularly disturbed by those in leadership positions who use them to aggrandize themselves in lieu of the suffering majority that cannot afford a meal on their tables.

“Fortunately, today is Fathers Day and I will like to take this opportunity to pass my regards to what they are doing for fend for their families but fundamentally they should take care of their children 24/7,” he says.


The Catholic Bishops in Kenya, the cleric says, are concerned with the types of leadership that are emerging with every weekend attacks on each other adding this does not augur well for the envisaged unity.

Earlier, the Archbishop opened Jesus Christ’s mother Mary’s grotto for the faithful to seek Her guidance through prayers that would change lives of other Christians and non-Christians.

“I am happy to learn that this grotto was built by Catholics as well as other denominations including our Muslim brothers,” he adds.

With the dwindling numbers joining the priesthood or sisterhood, Bishop Kivuva appeals to parents to guide their children into accepting God’s call to service Him locally, nationally, regionally or internationally.

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