November 26, 2020

Please help us find our kin, a Mombasa family cries

Haki Africa raid response officer Mathias Shipeta with missing Salim Mzee Salim's family members


The investigative agencies have been asked to trace the whereabouts of Salim Mzee Salim who disappeared in mysterious circumstances from his Mwandoni residence in Kisauni Subcounty recently.

Haki Africa, a Mombasa based civil organization through a relative Rashid Suleiman on May 31, says the victim had been invited for a luncheon by a friend on April 13 when he went missing to date.

According to the organisation’s rapid response officer Mathias Shipeta they have four cases of missing persons that have been reported to them this year only.

Apart from him (Salim), others who had disappeared since the beginning of this year Wakili Mohammed Farid, Hamisi Madilo (Mombasa) and Cynthia Swabrina (Kwale) were later found.

Last year, Mr Shipeta says they received more than 31 cases of ‘enforced disappearances’ which they have been tracking down for a while with successes and failures.

Relatives of missing Salim Mzee Salim from Mwandoni in Kisauni Subcounty on April 13, 2019


On the Salim case, the officer appealed to those concerned to investigate the issue saying such cases have become rampant in the Coast region.

The victim’s relatives, through Mr Suleiman, called on the media and civil society groups to highlight their relative’s case locally, nationally or regionally so that they could find him.

“We have looked for him in police stations, mortuaries and all the places we think he could be in vain and our only cry to the government is please help us find our family member,” he pleaded.

A sister to the victim, Ms Firdaus Mzee, said they do not know what to do after hitting a snag of finding her missing brother.

Describing her brother as a peace loving and quiet soul, Ms Mzee said he has not being linked to any terror case and he a humble man.

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