January 18, 2021

Wainaina releases new album, Dreams in Stereo

Famous Eric Wainaina speaking to Aga Khan Academy students in Mombasa on May 25, 2019


Eric Wainaina famed for “Nchi ya Kitu Kidogo” song wants upcoming artistes to learn musical instruments besides writing their own songs.

This is the only way to stay relevant in the industry which he terms as very competitive and energy consuming.

His latest album ‘Dreams in Stereo’ is currently available in all digital platforms including: mdundo and skiza tunes.

He describes the new album as ‘one of my fine works.”

Asked why he has been quiet, Wainaina says he has been working behind the scene because two of his earlier albums did not get the airplay that he had envisaged.

“The music industry like any other has both ups and downs,” he adds. His new album is a vivid description of his ‘life, love, passion and betrayal’.


Responding to what entails a good artiste, Wainaina says: “A good artiste is the one who responds honestly on how he/she feels about a thing. There is time and place for everything.”

The artiste is passionate about Sauti Soul, Benga and Lingalla music as he gave an interview on the sidelines of a graduation ceremony at the Aga Khan Academy Mombasa on May 25, 2019 where he was the chief guest.

Described as an icon by many a musician, his musical genres have a source of inspiration to other maestros locally, regionally and internationally.

His songs have touched the hearts of many people with Kenyans appreciating the deep sense of nationality and a strong sensation of nationhood.

The artiste made his debut in 2001 of his career after launching his first album Sawa Sawa which remains among the list of the country’s most selling solo albums.

His music is a mixture of benga and other African tunes from central and western countries.

Apart from Sawa Sawa, other albums include Twende Twende 2006, Love + Protest 2011, Daima Mimi Mkenya and Nchi ya Kitu Kidogo.

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