August 5, 2020

Kilifi Govt officers, company charged of graft amounting to Sh14.8 million

Accused Kilifi County government officers shielding themselves against media cameras as they were led outside the Malindi EACC offices to police cells


Kilifi County government officers and others appeared before a Malindi court to answer charges of graft relating to the procurement of a sea rescue boat worth Sh14.8 million on May 24, 2019.

John Mwangi Gachuru, Patience Tsimba, Sophie Mnyamanyi Mwandawiro and two former employees of the County Mohamed Silas Chuba, Julius Mwaidza Munga and Serah Musyimi together with Stephen Sanga Barawah Capital Solutions Limited were jointly accused of conspiracy of irregularly awarding tender for delivery of the boat.

Kilifi County officers before a Malindi Court over charges of corruption amounting Sh14.8 million

Appearing before chief magistrate Dr. Julie Oseko, they denied all charges against them of committing the offences between December 16, 2015 and November 14, 2016 where they awarded the tender to a company that did not qualify for such.


Gachuru (director of fisheries), Mwandawiro (accountant) and Munga (former procurement officer) were separately charged for failing to comply with the procurement procedures.

On 29th February, 2016 while sitting as members of the evaluation committee for tender number KCG/001/2015/2016 for supply and delivery of a sea rescue boat they failed to ensure the tender was subjected to technical evaluation.

They were also accused of failing to ensure that the evaluation report met the set criteria while Kevin Kigen Kieti, head of supplies chain management, was charged with failure to ensure that the evaluation report for the supply of the boat was tabled before the tender committee for adjudication.

For Sanga Barrawah, Serah Musyimi and Capital Solutions Limited, they faced three other charges of engaging in fraudulent practice by submitting false financial statements to the County government for the supply of the rescue boat.

Kilifi government officers shielding themselves from media cameras outside the Malindi EACC offices as they were being escorted to the police cells


The accused presented false financial statements purportedly prepared and endorsed by Monda and Associates as part of their tender document for the supply of the rescue boat and fraudulently acquired Sh14,870,750 from Kilifi government.

Trade and Tourism chief officer Patience Tsimba, who was charged for abuse of office, pleaded not guilty of using her position to approve the Sh14,870,750 while Silas Mohamed Chuba was charged for approving the professional opinion for the irregular award and failure to table the evaluation report before the tender committee for adjudication.

The magistrate Dr. Oseko released the accused on a Sh2 million bond or a cash bail of Sh300,000 each which they all raised promptly.

However, she failed to set the mention date saying that it would be mentioned towards the end of June, 2019.

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