June 15, 2021

Please help drug addicts reform, activists say

kenya community support centre programs officer Kibwana Suleiman Hassan flanked by Joseph Syanda Kecosce development officer


The rising cases of drug abuse have forced some activists in Mombasa County to call on the Coastal county governments to develop mechanisms of how to deal with this ever-increasing menace.

In their views, the governments should empower reformed drug addicts to stop them from relapsing to their former habits of drug abuse.

They believe by giving the recovering addicts capital to start small scale businesses it will go a long way in not only rehabilitating them but also sustaining their lives.

Kenya Community Support Centre program officer Kibwana Suleiman urged health officials to track drug reformists and ensure they become useful and acceptable members of the society.

“Coast counties should devise alternative ways of engaging reformed drug addicts to ensure they do not relapse to their old habits,” he said adding that what the reformed addicts need was empowerment.

Saying the building of rehabilitation centres was fine, however, the KCSC officer wants the counties to do more by providing affordable and better healthcare for both the addicts and public in general.

Kenya community support centre programs officer Kibwana Suleiman Hassan

“Mombasa county government has done a good job but there are a few loopholes that should be sealed such as the shortage of staff in most hospitals and health centres,” he added.


Taking issue with some of the services offered in the health facilities, Mr Suleiman urged the county executive in charge of health to conduct frequent visits to ensure quality service delivery.

Youths, according to the activists, are critical component in the country and should be given the attention they deserved as far as nation building was concerned.

In a recent interview with the Coast newspaper recently, the Reach Out Centre Trust boss Taib Abdulrahman expressed concern limited resources to fight drugs menace was an impingement thus appealed for more allocation of resources to drug users’ program.

According to him there are very little resources to fight drugs menace and this is affecting their efforts to eradicate the menace that is taking its toll on the youths.

Some of the drug rehabilitation centres in the county include the Mewa Drug and Treatment Centre, Reach Out Centre Trust and Miritini Rehabilitation Centre. 

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