July 9, 2020

Shun divisive politics, clergy tells politicians

Rev Father Vincent Alicho Parish Priest St Claret Catholic Church Kiembeni of Kisauni Constituency in Mombasa County giving a sermon during the Easter holiday


Political leaders in the county have been asked to refrain from preaching divisive politics but instead preach unity to Kenyans.

According to a catholic clergy in Mombasa County some politicians fail the test of preaching unity to Kenyans when granted an opportunity to address a congregation.

He says most of them politicians divert to politics which according to him provides a leeway to fueling tribal ethnicity.

Speaking to the media in Mombasa  Rev Father Vincent Alicho from St Claret Kiembeni Catholic church warned politicians against fueling ethnic divisions.

“Our political leaders should be at the forefront in addressing unity among Kenyans and not preaching politics of division. Divisive politics leads to bloodshed” he noted.

The priest took issue with some politicians who misuse the pulpit addressing unnecessary issues that do not benefit the contemporary society.

The catholic faithful also wants political leaders to serve the people by addressing some of the teething issues in the country.

“There are grave issues that our leaders should concentrate on and not politicking. Let them reach out to the underprivileged” the priest said noting that politicians are servants and elected to represent the will of the people.

The priest called on the government to address the question of youth unemployment in the country.

He terms it as a thorny issue in various parts of the country that needs special attention.

“Politicians are elected to serve the people. They are our servants. Unemployment is a real issue in this country” he noted.

He also urged the judiciary to dispense justice to all Kenyans regardless of social class.

According to him thousands of Kenyans are lamenting for the course of justice at its corridors.

“The judiciary should be at the forefront. It is the giver of justice to Kenyans. It should not work in contrary to the will of Kenyans,” he said.

He says if the judiciary contradicts the will of the people justice will be a pipe dream to the less fortunate.

On the issue of graft the priest argues that it is an enemy to the economy and should be addressed without fear or favour.

He says corruption widens the rift between the rich and the poor.

“Corruption creates a gap between the rich and the poor. Greed and ethnicity break nations,” Father Alicho noted.

He further urged religious leaders to preach unity in their sermons thus bringing people together.

Father Vincent also called on the political leaders to adhere to the advice of religious leaders so that the country can move towards the right direction.

“Political leaders should humble themselves before religious leaders and listen to their advice. They are the ones who speak against all sorts of evils,” he noted.

Last week the Catholic Church through a resolution of the conference of bishops instructed the priests to bar politicians from politicking in the church.

Churches have in the recent past come under sharp criticism for allowing politicians to turn the pulpit into political podiums.

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