July 13, 2020

Pwani varsity student reveals what happened on the fateful day

Noami Chepkemboi narrates how she cheated death on her hospital bed where she is receiving treatment for knife inflicted injuries


The rising domestic violence and deaths in different parts of the country have sparked concern and worry among Kenyans who want the academia to research on this developing trend on wanton killings.

Already two cases of the late Ivy Wangechi of Moi University medical school and Pwani University’s Naomi Chepkemboi, still nursing her injuries in hospital, are stark reminders of societal decay.

Speaking at her hospital bed, Ms Chepkemboi, 21, who stabbed several times by an alleged boyfriend, Nicholas Koech, says the ex-lover arrived at her single room at 6 am (Sunday) on the fateful day.


Sensing danger, she declined to open her door but he begged her telling her that she should open the door for him to come in saying he had come in peace.

She opened the door but opted instead to move out of the room while listening to Koech who told her that he had come to settle score over their relationship issues.

“I did not allow him in my house (room). We talked outside and after the conversation was over I went inside my house (room) while thinking he had left he mysteriously appeared,” she narrated her ordeal.

Pwani University student Naomi Chekemboi speaking to the media at her hospital bed in Kilifi County

The boyfriend entered her room and locked it with a padlocked before throwing away the keys as she struggle to get them (keys) and opened the door in vain.

“I was forced to text my neighbour Ochieng who had my extra key and told him to come and open my door as Koech called my dad and immediate after produced a knife which he used to stab me several times,” she said.


When the Ochieng came to her rescue and opened the door, the intruder attacked the former with the intention of injuring his arm only for him to raise the alarm to other neighbours who responded and rescued them.

On what might have been the motive of attack, Naomi said that they had parted ways last year -2018 – after being in a relationship from 2016 and even got a child with him.

However, she added that her lover was not responsible enough towards their daughter and that is why she decided to walk out of the relationship and fend for her child.

“I told him I had moved on after the break up but it seems he did not accept it and this could the reasons he traveled all the way from Nairobi to Kilifi just to come and stab me. What I need now is justice,” she said as tears washed her pained face.

The accused person, Nicholas Koech, appeared before a magistrate in Kilifi law courts but police requested to be given 14 days more days to complete their investigations.

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