July 14, 2020

Kwale PWDS demand for the NHIF Scheme

The Kenya Advocate Officer Action Network for the Disabled Ngao Mwavuna wants Kwale County government to include them in the NHIF scheme


People living with disabilities in Kwale County want the Department of Social Services to make the necessary arrangements for them to benefit from the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF).

Through the launch of the Kwale County Disability Network at Lydia Kanini Disability Technical Training Centre in Diani, the Kenya Advocate Officer Action Network for the Disabled Ngao Mwavuna says the lack of the NHIF scheme to challenged citizens may derail the 100 per cent implementation of the Universal Healthcare.

“As part of the big four agendas, we believe every Kenyan citizen must benefit from it and if we are not included automatically, then it will translate to no universal at all,” he adds.

Mr Mwavuna is not happy of the way the less fortunate members of the society are being treated especially when it comes to political, social and economic aspects in the country.

According to him the challenged citizens have received ‘raw deal’ from the county and national governments in the development projects that do not take them into considerations in their yearly planning.

Despite of the different types of handicap, he explains that very few governors and national officials care to deal with their challenges lest for only paying lip service whenever caught up in their living situations.

He warns that unless those living with disabilities start fighting for their cause or stand up for their rights they will be forgotten in all aspect of social and economic activities.

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