July 14, 2020

Include corruption in school curricula, Dr Mutua tells government

Dr Alfred Mutua speaking to his Machakos County secondary schools heads in Mombasa where the fight against graft featured prominently


Corruption should be incorporated in the primary, secondary and tertiary curricula so that students can be exposed early on its scourge in the country.

Dr Alfred Mutua, the Machakos governor, by exposing learners in their formative years it will go a long way in not only curbing but also controlling the vice that is devastating the socioeconomic fabric of Kenyans’ society.

“It is time corruption becomes a topical issue in our children’s schooling curriculum so that they can learn early in life its destructive effects on our socioeconomic front,” he says.

Dr. Alfred Mutua has called on the national government to incorporate graft in Kenyan school curriculum.

For the country to thrive economically, according to Dr Mutua, those found culpable on graft should face the full force of the law without caring what position they hold in society.

Speaking to some four hundred secondary schools heads from his County in Mombasa on Tuesday (April 9, 2019), the governor asked religious leaders to join the fight against corruption.

“It is ironical that the same religious leaders singing hymns in places of worship receive corruptly acquired money from dubious sources instead of joining the war against graft,” he says.

The governor expresses concern and worry some of the men-and-women-of-cloth are readily accepting monies from fishy people without questioning their source of the same.

Turning the headteachers, Dr Mutua cautioned them to desist from engaging in corruption deals when using public funds warning them of dire consequences if caught.

“Let’s use public funds under our care diligently and according to the vote head of each item budgeted and approved by the authorities instead of being clever in a stupid move,” he added.

Dr Mutua further called on Kenyans to support President Kenyatta’s bid to wipe out graft in public coffers.

For the 2022 presidential election, the Machakos boss says there is urgent need to inject new blood in Kenyan political aspect arguing the country is in dire need of youthful leadership to spur greater heights of development.

Citing youth unemployment and economic depression as some of the thorny issues that need critical attention, Dr Mutua wants ‘fresh faces’ in leadership positions alleging some of the leaders have overstayed their usefulness. He took a swipe at a section of political leaders showing interest in the presidency saying they should pave way for the young generation to take over the reins of power.

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