Wed. Jul 17th, 2019

Embrace value based education to nurture moral integrity among youths -says lobbyist

Enos Opiyo DAYO programs cordinator during the launch of Value Based Education in Mombasa

By Peter Kombe

An activist attached to Dream Achievers Youth Organization DAYO) a youth led organization in Mombasa County has called on Kenyans to embrace value based education in order to nurture moral integrity in the country

Speaking to The Coast newspaper in Mombasa on Wednesday Enos Opiyo DAYO programs coordinator said the programs aims at inculcating positive values among young people.

He adds ” the program which is in its pilot phase will be rolled out in five schools in Mombasa County.

The activist argues that value based education is key when the society wants to bring up morally upright citizens.

Opiyo noted that countries that have embraced VBE have been able to contain societal ills including corruption and other forms of impunity.

“VBE is key especially when we want as a society to inculcate positive values.

 Countries that have embraced VBE have less or no negative issues such as corruption” The human rights defender noted

On his part, DAYO board chairperson Ali Komora urged parents to cling to good morals in order to teach their kins morally accepted virtues..

He says the program is geared at changing deeply rooted immoral behaviors among the contemporary society.

“Parents should serve as good examples. They are the ones who shape up the behaviors of their children” the chair noted

The chair says parents should be at the forefront to ensure that children grow up morally.

He urged children to stick to religious teachings and practices.

“Again children should stick to religious teachings. This is very important” he indicated

Mohammud Abdillahi, a Council of Imams and Preachers of Kenya (CIPK) official appealed to the government to enforce stringent laws to internet users.

According to him the internet has impacted the society both positively and negatively.

“The government should be very strict on internet users. This is because it has negatively led to moral decay among the young people” he noted

He further accused parents on claims of forfeiting their responsibilities saying there is need for parents to actively play their parental obligations.

He says the government should regulate some of the television content.

“Parents have failed in their responsibilities” he stated

Sheikh Abu Sureim a Council of Imams and Preachers of Kenya official urged young people to adhere to religious teachings.

He says religion is key in ensuring that children grow up into morally upright citizens.

“Young people must learn to adhere to spiritual teachings and practices” he said

The Muslim faithful says parents play a critical role in shaping behaviors of their children.

The value based education program has targeted over 5,000 boys and girls in primary in five schools in Mombasa County.

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